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Amazon Frogbit Aquarium

Amazon frogbit floating aquarium plant. 5 per a take away container size portion as pictured.

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It looks very similar to the water hyacinth with perfectly round bright green leaves.

Amazon frogbit aquarium. It is now found throughout much of california and continues to spread via releases and escapes from the aquarium trade. In an aquarium setting however the plant will produce new plantlets. Amazon frogbit was brought to california where it spread rather wide by pushing out local aquatic plants.

This item 12 amazon frogbit limnobium laevigatum live aquarium aquatic floating plant by g z aquatic arts 2 giant marimo moss balls 1 5 2 5 inches 8 15 years old over 5x as large as nano marimo. It is native to central and south america though in recent years it has reported in north america as an invasive species. In ecology this kind is expanded in ponds and bogs with lentic or slowly flowing water.

What is the amazon frogbit. The baby plants will stay linked to the mother plant and they will receive nutrients until they are ready to break away. These leaves are smooth without any markings followed by roots with fine trailing hairs.

In the wild the amazon frogbit reproduces through seed production and pollination. Due to its fast growing nature frogbits are excellent in soaking up excess nutrients nitrates and also shrimp fry to hide. Amazon frogbit limnobium laeviatum is an easy to care for floating aquarium plant.

The plant stands temperature drop up to ground frosts. Amazon frogbit an easty to care prolific and decorative floating plant that resemble miniature lily pads. Scientifically known as limnobium laevigatum the amazon frogbit is a floating aquarium plant popular among aquarists and aquascapers.

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